Brass Thread is a design house that formed when two designers/artists fell in love. Brass Thread believes that if you don’t break any rules, life may never be as much fun.

Jessica is an apparel and accessory designer with a BFA from Pratt Institute. Jason is a bench jeweler and visual manager with a GIA certification. With this combination of skills, passion and talents, they endeavor to create something amazing.

For Jessica and Jason, artistic creativity has been underlying their relationship since the day that they met. Jason grew up in Houston, Texas where his parents were both artists so he grew up in and around art museums. His father was also a skilled carpenter, so Jason started building and creating early on. Jason has designed and created custom fine jewelry pieces for a multitude of clients, including athletes, socialites and musicians.

Jessica grew up in Houston as well, but spent the summers across the world with her extended family in England. Her grandfather and great uncles owned textile companies, which is where Jessica’s fascination with fabrics began. Spending a lot of time in the UK, she was exposed a diverse style that would shape her well known design aesthetic. Jessica started studying at Pratt Institute at just 17 years of age, where she received a BFA in Fashion Design. Jessica has worked for numerous well-known apparel companies and designers in both New York City and Houston.

Jessica and her husband, Jason, design and run a successful design house, Brass Thread by Lilah Gabriel. Their work (past and present) has been featured in WWD, Z!NK, In Style, People Style Watch, Elle Vietnam, Houston Magazine, The LA Times and much more. Brass Thread sells to customers around the world.

On a trip to Mexico they were intrigued with Huichol beaded sculpture. Jessica asked Jason to think about translating this look to a wearable piece. It took six months to develop the process and source the components, and to develop the first beaded skull necklace. It was important that this reflect an adaptation of the traditional Huichol beading process. Further refinement gave rise to the need for them to create our own tools, in order to bead on a smaller scale to accommodate our pieces. All of Brass Thread designs are custom hand-beaded necklaces and table-top miniatures.

Jason and Jessica design and make each piece, from the base to the beading. Each new idea, each new shape, is designed to be 3D printed. Once they have the 3D prototype, they create a mold of the shape. The bases are cast in molds with resin and stone composite. Jason and Jessica bead with Japanese glass beads and Swarovski crystals. They also bring in other components such as metal accents, vintage beads, resin and ceramic flowers, and their own hand-cut brass and silver elements.

Jason and Jessica are heavily influenced by the world around them, by cultural traditions and symbols. The concepts for their pieces are inspired by their heritage and world travels and by what is around them—culture, art, symbolism, and by their day dreams. Please enjoy Brass Thread.